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Why the Mini-Cassia Region? 


Mini-Cassia is a thriving region in Southern Idaho that is ripe with opportunities for businesses looking to expand or establish a new presence.

  • Location advantage. Central location to all major cities and ports in the Western United States. Ample logistical assets.
  • Mini-Cassia boasts a strong economy
  • Fueled by diverse industries including agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare
  • A well-trained and educated workforce
  • The College of Southern Idaho curates workforce training programs to fit your business needs
  • Affordable cost of living and a very safe place to live
  • Unrivaled lifestyle for people who love outdoor recreation
  • Costs are low, but our standards are high; we value excellence
  • Extraordinary public-private partnerships facilitate speed to market

If you're looking to start, grow or relocate your business, Mini-Cassia offers a strategic location, a supportive community, and a business-friendly environment that can help you achieve your goals.

"After looking at locations in Idaho, Utah, Montana and Nevada, we selected Rupert, ID because of the sense of community we feel here and its ideal location to service customers throughout the U.S."

Frulact President & CEO, Joao Miranda

Strategically Located in the Heart of the Northwest

Mini-Cassia's strategic location and transportation infrastructure make it an ideal location for businesses looking to start or expand their operations. With access to rail, air, and trucking, businesses can easily reach national and international markets. Combined with a range of other advantages, Mini-Cassia is a great place to do business.

Learn more on our Logistics & Transportation page. 
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