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The Mini-Cassia region of Southern Idaho is known for its unwavering commitment to sustainability in business practices. Southern Idaho is one of the unique areas in the U.S. currently producing commercial power in all five renewable energy sectors: hydro, wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal.
  • In 2021, renewable energy sources generated 74% of the electricity in Idaho, the fourth-highest share of renewable electricity generation for any state after Vermont, South Dakota, and Washington.
  • Idaho Power, a leader in providing reliable and affordable energy in our region, has pledged to produce 100% clean energy by 2045
  • Idaho has the lowest Annual Average Price/kWh in the  U.S. (just 10.51 cents)
  • Idaho Power's sustainability initiatives have resulted in a 30% drop in CO2 emissions since 2005
  • Solar projects throughout Southern Idaho are generating enough power to fuel more than 400,000 homes
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CSI Sustainability Council
Idaho Power Sustainability Initiative
Center for Sustainable Ag
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Rupert Turns Wastewater into Irrigation Water

The City of Rupert operates a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility in which the plant's process transforms incoming waste to nutrient-rich irrigation water and fertilizer for nearby farmland. 
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